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Want to be an affiliate for ICONSATMIDNIGHT or want to request something, then you may do so, just click the cut! :)

If you want to be an affiliate, copy and paste what it says in the code box below in a comment.

So this is what it'll look like.
Name: Melissa
Name of comm/journal: iconsatmidnight
What do you do in your comm/journal: Icons, banners, wallpapers and if so tutorials.
Would you plug our comm for new members: Yes I would.

If you want to request an icon/banner/wallpaper/friends only banner then copy and paste what is says below in a comment.

So this is what it'll look like.
Name: Melissa
Name of journal: melissajanexo
What do you want: an icon
Any pictures and or textures: any supernatural/spongebob/
What do you want it to say: where would i be without you?
Any specif text: any cursive
Where are you putting it?: my blog
Sources: None.

So comment bellow, and either Heather or I will do that request and we'll add you back for affi's.

1: When we've finished the request please credit and don't claim as your own.
2: Send a one month comment on any of our post saying your alive and well, if you haven't for two months, we'll take you away from the affiliate unless you comment saying your going to be away when we have the each month thing, then that's fine. But you'll have to comment this again to be an affiliate.
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